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This website advocates against vivisection of bunnies and rabbits. Science can certainly do better than animal abuse as a huge methodology category. Bunnies and rabbits are only used because they are docile and easy to breed, not because they share characteristics with humans. Also, this website promotes farming and spirituality practices that incorperate anthropomorphism and greater respect for animals and the Earth.
Feministry Corp is also a nonprofit registered in the State of MA by the Secretary of State's Office.
Established in 2017, Feministry became incorperated in 2017 as a result of a research project about capital campaigns. Some land that is zoned for future use by rural communities can be used in the interim for small animal sanctuaries or hold lockers for supplies to foster animals waiting to get adopted. Such an effot would earn the property income, be very low cost to start, and only require cutting bureaucratic red tape. Plus, if done nicely and neatly, capital campaigns for animal nonprofits can include local cities governements when they try to find interim properties to use while making progress on their fundraising goals.
Nonprofits with small staffs and good credit histories can use the cites to hold storage lockers or heating coops for sanctuary animals - like bunnies and rabbits saved from vivisection - with only minor costs that apply to human abodes or areas zoned for residential use. Cutting down on electricity while building local buy-in is a great way for animal nonprofits to gain support for social enterprises (like thrift stores or cat cafes), temporary disaster adoption grounds, or expand their foster program to include more advocacy (like office supplies, tables, and items for sale at galas).
Donations are not yet tax deductible but we appreciate social media likes and shares.
The current fundraising project is an adult video, 18+, that is an anthropomorphic take on the Greek Goddess, Narcissus, and about themes of human envy of nature.
Find the model of the 2018 and 2019 fundraising campaigns, Eren Kavvas, on the social media links.
These are the the links to Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Eren posts almost everyday.
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These social media links are a great timeline of Feministry Corp from the research part to the fundraising campaigns.
The most recent fundraising campaign is an 18+ series called "Dirty Greek." If you are a media outlet and would like to watch the adult series, which has not yet been rated but it certainly NC-17, please email datadoes567@gmail.com for the password. Passwords are being mailed out to "a few cool people" via letter and social media. The money raised from "Dirty Greek" will go towards more experimental art for animal advocacy.
Our Work
In 2018, Feministry Corp made clothing out of recycled and upcycled materials to sell, give away, and advocate in favor of harsher gas taxes.
The creations are found on the Fundraising Project 2018 page. They were hand sewn and also included brand name second hand clothing like Victoria's Secret, Free People, Burberry, and Banana Republic.
This site is also connected to an arts project. The arts project tries to create a space for the public domain to collide with the needs of people without access to financial tools.
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Research about international development posits that access to capital holds people from achieving financial goals regardless of their educational background.
External Arts Site
As an arts project, Free Yellow Sun tries to add to the public domain while also adding connections to public resources for people who do not know the options they had available. To learn more about this innovative art project, check out the Free Yellow Sun Dot Com tab above.
Or, to link directly to Free Yellow Sun Dot Com, click to get to www.freeyellowsun.com
Free Yellow Sun Dot Com created a web series called Schizophrenic Psychiatrist and Whatever Is Better Than This. Schizophrenic Psychiatrist is a smart mockumentary about psychology. The fictional tale of Nicnevin, which was originally only a short story featured on FreeYellowSun.com, turned into Whatever Is Better Than This. The fiction project is also a cool experiment in digital humanities and incorperates graphic design, sound effects, narration, and unique animation styles.
Feministry Corp started in October 2018 as a nonprofit to help bunnies and rabbits, to advertise the merits of organic farming, and to host events. Recently, we wrote an article about using rabbit and bunny maneur for organic fertilizer because it has a cool Ph value and is more sustainable than worm meal.
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