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This website is about ending vivisection of bunnies and rabbits. Science can certainly do better than animal abuse as a methodology. Bunnies and rabbits are only used because they are docile and easy to breed, not because they share characteristics with humans.

Promoting farming and spiritual practices that incorperate anthropomorphism increases respect for animals and the Earth. >Feministry Corp is also a nonprofit registered in the State of MA by the Secretary of State's Office. Established in 2017, Feministry initial goal was to start a capital campaign for a bunny and rabbit safe haven. The idea was to start an organic farm that saves bunnies and rabbits from cruel conditions using proceeds from an upcycled fashion company. Creating a sustainable business that also provided a place for animals to go after vivisection seemed like a good business plan.

I want this website and the mission to take flight, big!


The sanctuary animals - who are specifically bunnies and rabbits saved from vivisection - can live on an organic farm that also functions as spiritual center, a venue for weddings, and a location for Alice in Wonderland themed events. The cold weather in New England meant that we would also have native cottontails as our visitors! Donations are not yet tax deductible but we appreciate social media likes and shares. I made enough to keep the website up using the 18+ content (an anthropomorphic four-video series on the Greek Goddess, Narcissus; themes of human envy; and artistic questions about natural selection) but I decided to take it down. If you are interested in purchasing "Dirty Greek" or playing it at a museum, you can contact the model of the fundraising project, Eren Kavvas, on her social media or via email at datadoes567@gmail.com . Still, there is nothing that I can come up that would be a capital campaign with enough prospects to illicit searching for a farm, so in the mean time I'm trying to write a video game. If you still want to donate to end vivisection, there are A LOT of animal welfare organizations that you can look up on Charity Navigator. Ending scientific testing on rabbits and bunnies is something I hope that more people will consider supporting.

Social Media

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The two art projects on this web site are in the form of film. At the bottom of this page is a short film about how rabbits are associated with creating medicine in the 21st century. It shows the juxtaposition of how we treat ourselves, as humans, and the species that we rely on for blood samples and raw flesh surfaces. Taking on themes such as brutality, rule-enforcement, and the laws surrounding medical testing, I think that the short video explains a lot about my position on vivisection. The second art project on this site is an 18+ series named "Dirty Greek" whiches references the Greek Goddess Narcissus, but in the anthropomorphic form of a human-animal. The philosophical perspective is one of lust for Narcissus' contentment with her banality and medical man's search for psychadelic enlightment through drugs. Creating Narcissus in the form of a human-cottontail hybrid, seemed only perfect using my own naked body, which I personally believe was used in medical testing during my probation in 2018. I was Section 12ed multiple times, in my opinion, to garner blood samples to increase the data on schizophrenic people who smoke marijuana. I also decided to use myself as the form in the film because it helped bolster my self-esteem and deepened my connection with the animal realm. It was empowering to play an anachronism (the Greek Goddess Narcissus) as well as take on an anthropomorphic shape (that of a bunny). After the fashion capital campaign failed, it was liberating to create a piece of art that was free of clothing and reminded me that the people who punish animals for medicine's sake are usually the one's who idolize psychadelics, avant-garde art, and feel intellectual superiority about their eccentric tendencies. If you are interested in watching the film, titled "Dirty Greek," which has not rated but is certainly NC-17, please email datadoes567@gmail.com


In 2018, Feministry did an outreach event called the Animal Realm Holiday Event that I hosted in my front yard in Somerville, MA. There were upcycled games, free vegan BBQ, electronic music, and a posters about ending vivisection.

In 2019, Feministry lost an arguement about ownership/rights and has been slow to recover.

Feministry Corp's Environmental Entrepreneurship

In 2018, Feministry Corp made clothing out of recycled and upcycled materials to sell, give away, and advocate in favor of harsher gas taxes. Photos of the creations, which were going to be sold to launch the capital campaign, can be found on the Fashion Project link on the top of this page's navigation bar. They were hand sewn and also included brand name second hand clothing from Victoria's Secret, Free People, Burberry, and Banana Republic. Quick link: for the section. Unfortunately, the capital campaign's first phase, which was supposed to raise awareness about my financial responsibility, creative skills, and fundraising abilities, was unsuccessful because I lost all the clothing in a forest. Like Alice who followed the white rabbit for too long, I was stuck in Wonderland with my clothing taking form and wandering off as the White Knight and the Red Queen argued pervasively in my head. It seemed that I was too late to overcome the proportion of what I wanted to accomplish versus what was permitable given my very small size. Regardless, the model, writer, and producer of "Dirty Greek," Eren Kavvas (me), is still hoping to use social entreprenurship to end animal cruelity. She is now working on creating a rabbit-themed video game to sell as a start to another capital campaign. Having a space for the rabbit safe-haven is an ideal solution. Furthermore, a video game that can be shown at gaming conferences and fairs would be a good way to advocate against vivisection and recruit volunteers. I think it will be a big innovation in the nonprofit sector because it combines technology, environmental advocacy, female leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Feministry Corp's Ideas About Sustainability

Given that the police lie on police reports, news can't even keep straight what corperation owns what lab, and testing homeless humans using blood samples is forced upon them and violates HIPAA, I wouldn't be surprised if the conditions in research facilities with bunnies and rabbits is beyond comprehensible. Many theories about animal testing come from arguements that we shouldn't test on humans. However, we arleady do.

Why would we continue to pump more medicine into people using animals just to kill the animals and them suck blood from the humans? What is this country, a parasite destined to eat its own body?